Crew members

Kyle Stewart

Commanding Officer

Captain Stewart is the commanding officer of the North Star Station

Captain Stark

Xo of the North Star Station

Captain Gerry Knight is the one that keeps all the crew members happy and makes sure that the work load in the Station is Distributed evenly even if he is a bit hard on few of his crew he always makes sure that his crew always give him there 100% at all time he is also the Team leader of MACO-SOU-131 and he is the chief of intelligence

LT CMDR Matt Barron

2nd officer

the 2nd officer of the station makes sure that everything is running smoothly as expected at all times

LT.CMDR Nicholas Davies

Chief of Flight opertaion and Chief of Tatical

LT.CMDR David Greenough

Chief of Security/Moral Officer

The Security of the station is very vital to our day to day operation for LT.CMDR Greenough is the person you want to contact when it comes to Security

LT.JG Tina Marie Ritter

Chief of Communication

Chief of Communication makes sure that that all news letters and all the communication are well transmitted into the station